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Weingartner Digital Citizenship Challenge

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JAN 05

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Scholarship title: Weingartner Digital Citizenship Challenge

Applicable Majors: All fields of study

A vibrant democracy needs civic engagement, civil discourse and informed citizens, as well as responsive and transparent government. The Internet can help foster all of these values, but in other ways it can also often undermine them.

Our project is looking for creative new ideas to help make the internet, including all forms of social media, a better tool for strengthening democracy. Click here for examples of such ideas that have already been put into practice. Your own proposal need not be technical in nature, just realistic and forward looking.

The application asks you to answer the following three sets of questions (each with a maximum of 500 words):

  • What is your proposal for helping make the internet an even better tool of democratic citizenship?
  • What opportunity does your solution create/expand or, alternatively, what problem does it help solve?
  • How would your solution be implemented and what hurdles might it have to overcome (aside from technological ones)?

Additional Information

Please visit the sponsor's Web site for additional information and entry requirements.

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This scholarship is no longer available. Click here to view all available scholarships.

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