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Scholarship title: PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation

Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study

The PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation Awards seek to "Enrich America through Education and Culture by Forging Stronger Links to Students' Hellenic Heritage." They are offered to U.S. high school graduates of Greek descent.

Qualification Requirements:

  1. Scholarship Awards are open to all U.S. high school graduates of Hellenic (Greek or Cypriot) ancestry.
  2. The applicant must be a high school senior, or equivalent, who is registered to attend a college, university or educational institution of similar standing; Proof of registration is required. If no qualified individuals from this group of students apply, the Foundation may seek and consider applicants among students already attending a college.
  3. The applicant's high school record will be reviewed and constitutes the basis for the selection of the Award winners. One's graduating-class rank is an important criterion for granting the Award.
  4. Applicants are encouraged to write a brief essay that addresses the connections between Hellenic contributions to the world and America today. Although this is not an application requirement, it will be taken into consideration during the selection process.
  5. Scholarships are awarded according to merit, regardless of other scholarships the applicant may have won. No student can be awarded a Panhellenic Scholarship Foundation Award more than once(pre-2004 "Panmessenian" Awards count).
  6. All applicants must complete the "Scholarship Application" and submit it together with all required documentation by August 31st. The Foundation may change this date at its discretion.
  7. Information provided by the applicants is held strictly confidential.
  8. IRS requirements dictate that the issuance of the Scholarship Award payment be made jointly in the name of the college or university in which the student has been registered, and in the name of the Scholarship recipient, for reimbursement to him/her or for credit.
  9. Selection of the award recipients is made by the Foundation's Academic Committee and its decision is final. Those interested in applying for a scholarship grant should call or write to:

The Panhellenic Scholarship Foundation at:
360 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1109,
Chicago, IL 60601,
(312) 357-6424

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