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Independent Women's Forum College Essay Contest

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DEC 01

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Scholarship title: Independent Women's Forum College Essay Contest

Applicable Majors: All fields of study

Applicants must be full-time, female undergraduate students of any age enrolled as undergraduates in any four-year college or university.

Applicants must submit a typed, double-spaced essay of no longer than 750 words that address the following topic: While there are differing views among scientists regarding global warming, do you believe the potential costs to the American economy in terms of diminished economic growth, jobs and higher costs for goods and services are worth teh cost of proposed climate policies to address the issue? If so, why? Or, do you believe this money should be spent on other priorities (and if so, where and why)?

Essay Competition
Independent Women's Forum
4400 Jenifer Street, NW, Suite 240
Washington, DC 20015

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