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Art Institutes Prostart Scholarship

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Scholarship title: Art Institutes Prostart Scholarship

Applicable Majors: All fields of study

High school students graduating in 2015 who complete the ProStart program with a C average or above and obtain a Certificate of Achievement may receive Advance Placement credit at any of over 40 U.S. schools of The International Culinary Schools at The Art Institutes.* Advance Placement rewards students for their skills, saving them time and money.

Students may receive academic credit up to 12 credits (valued at over $5,000) for any of the following courses:**

  • Concepts and Theories
  • Fundamentals of Classical Techniques
  • Management, Supervision, and Career Prep
  • Culinary Nutrition***

Additional credits may be articulated to ProStart students on a case-by-case basis upon review by the local school’s Chef Director and Dean of Academic Affairs.

 *  Passport credits are accepted at all U.S. Art Institutes affiliated schools. Degree and program offerings vary by school.

 **  To receive Advance Placement credit, students must submit a ProStart Certificate of Achievement which will be reviewed by the local school’s Chef Director and Dean of Academic Affairs. The Fundamentals of Classical Techniques class requires the student to successfully pass the courses Final Knife Skills and Final Practical Cooking Exam in order to obtain advance placement credit.

 ***  Some restrictions apply for approval of Culinary Nutrition credits. Contact local school for details.

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