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In The River They Swim Essay Competition

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Scholarship title: In The River They Swim Essay Competition

Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study

We give you the same instructions that we gave our authors. From your experience living or working in the world's poorest countries (or poor regions of developed nations), tell about a personal journey you have had doing enterprise solutions to poverty. Teach us something about your work, a useful experience, a person you met, or a framework you have developed or used. Tell us about something you contributed, or more interestingly, some action or assumption that turned out to be wrong and what you learned from it. Give us your beliefs, goals, attitudes, and assumptions. Do not settle just for self- expression, though; give us high-level craft and try for art. Your writing can be loose, exploratory, and digressive; it can be about failure with or without redemption. But locate yourself in the solitary endeavor of writing, at the crossing of the self and others, process and outcome, experience and meaning. Recognize that what you write is important. It shows what you do, and who you want to be.

Submissions should be 2000 words or less; should be well-written and a pleasure to read; deeply introspective and probe the author's emotions and journey within development, globalization, and enterprise solutions to poverty. Take a theme from the book, or from life, and make it your own by infusing it with your insights and your story.

We believe that the short essay format is a powerful and underutilized mechanism in development thinking. It is a versatile medium that requires succinct, insightful writing that can be published in multiple venues. We look forward to your submissions.

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