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George & Diane Yarbrough CES Scholarship Fund

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Scholarship title: George & Diane Yarbrough CES Scholarship Fund

Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study

The George & Diane Yarbrough CES Scholarship Fund is geared toward high achievers who demonstrate a serious pursuit of academic excellence, entrepreneurship and community service.

Students who set this example can be awarded a scholarship to aid them in realizing their dreams of self-employment and economic self-sufficiency. Scholarships are awarded to cover the cost of a student's housing, meals, and tuition for attendance at the CES program.

At the program, there are other scholarship opportunities and internships for which students may be eligible. Interested students must submit a completed application, one-page essay, photo and two letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation must reflect one personal and one business or academic reference.

Scholarships are reviewed and awarded based on the merits of the completed packages received with high consideration given to a student's academic performance, community service, and entrepreneurship interests as detailed in their essay. This scholarship is only available for college students.

This scholarship is no longer available. Click here to view all available scholarships.

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