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Scholarship title: Donna Reed Foundation Scholarships

Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study

The Donna Reed Foundation for the Performing Arts will award acting and musical theater scholarships to high school seniors who demonstrate the highest level of talent in a live performance in the presence of a panel of expert judges. This live performance will be held in Donna Reed's hometown of Denison, Iowa, during the prestigious Donna Reed Festival and Workshops for the Performing Arts.


  • Attend Donna Reed Performing Arts workshops in Denison, IA.
  • Complete a three-minute live audition during the week.
  • Be able to perform on the Student Awards Showcase.

Additional Information:

  • There are no categories.
  • Anything that showcases uniqueness or talent will be accepted.
  • Props provided for auditions: chair, CD player, DVD player/monitor and a piano. Anything else will be your responsibility

Additional Information

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