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Average American Scholarship

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Scholarship title: Average American Scholarship

Applicable Majors: All Fields of Study

This award is not for students with exceptional academic backgrounds. This award is not for students with outstanding community service records. This award is not for the extremely intelligent or the extremely unintelligent. Sound good so far?"

The 'Average American' scholarship award is given to students who, for no reason other than being normal Americans deserve a $100 scholarship to help pay for books or tuition once in college.

This award (be it a small one) is being given by a fairly 'average' student who is fed up with only seeing scholarships based on race, religion, disability, sex, creed, income, or any other 'protected class.' I think it's time America gives something back to the average student like myself, so I am putting my wallet (be it a thin one) where my mouth is. My hope is that many other 'average' Americans will follow my lead.

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